The Commission Process

The commission process is actually quite simple. Mariah meets with the client(s) whether in person (preferably) or via e-mail/phone conversations, and together they come up with a vision for the piece. Clients sometimes have an exact idea of how the finished piece should look, while other clients will ask for the artist’s suggestions until a final composition is designed.

Work can be completed directly from existing photos, or pieced together from several different photos.  For portraiture, a combination of a live sitting and a photo shoot for reference photos is ideal.  Mariah is also able to add creative and imaginative elements upon request, see “Butterfly Grace” to the right.

Once a vision is reached for the piece, both parties sign a simple contract outlining the medium, size, and estimated finish date.   A fifty percent deposit is then given to secure both parties.

At this point, Mariah begins creating the painting.  Depending on the amount of detail required and availability it may take anywhere from four to twelve months to complete.

In the case of the commissioned portrait, a final sitting is scheduled in the finishing stage of the painting. This gives the client an opportunity to see the painting before it is complete. This also gives Mariah a final opportunity to hone in the likeness of the subject from life.

Once the art work is completed, the artist meets with the client(s) to unveil the finished piece.


Upon final approval, the remaining fifty percent is given.

Commissioned Portrait Pricing

All sizes available.
Full color, oil on hand stretched and triple primed linen.
From a photograph in combination with a live sitting.

Call for your personalized estimate. 970.749.4089

Estimated Portrait Pricing:

(Fully developed oil painting.)

  • head & shoulders = $1800 (starting at 11″x14″)
  • 3/4 figure = $3000 (starting at 16″x20″)
  • full body = $5000 (starting at 24″x36″)
  • pet = $1800 (starting at 12″x12″)
  • Detailed Background = +$1200 (for 3/4 figure & full body)
  • Add additional similar figures for 25% off each added figure.

Portrait pricing varies considerably, please call or e-mail us to arrange for your free personalized estimate.

NEW Portrait pricing option available!

Oil sketch of any subject (head only) on a 11″x14″ linen panel.


Travel expenses and shipping, if necessary, are additional.

Contact us for more information.